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School Liaison Office (SLO)

Did you know the average military family moves 6-9 times over a 20-year career? With each move, military children face many school-related challenges. SLO is the central point of contact for commanders, military families, and local school systems on school-related matters for grades K-12.They can help ease the transition from one school to another (before and after a move) and help with navigating the school systems to ensure our military youth are given the opportunity to achieve their highest potential for academic success at any assigned location.

Our School Liaison Officers provide information about local school systems, state requirements, immunizations, school policies and procedures, home school resources, extra curriculum activities within the community, volunteer opportunities, and scholarship information. SLO services are open to all JBSA military families and DoD civilians.

Make a Difference - Get Involved

Mentors spend time with young people encouraging positive choices, academic achievement, promote high self esteem, and introduce new hobbies and experiences. Mentors develop a relationship with youth at the child's school, reinforcing the values and cultural heritage that parents have instilled. A mentor can play many roles including coach, teacher, advocate, friend, cheerleader and opener of doors, helping the student develop their talents to reach their own goals.To become a mentor, patrons must attend the Mentor Training. Participants who attend will receive information and resources, and be assigned to a local school after completion.

Individuals or groups work with a school to provide volunteers or financial resources to support instruction in the classroom. It may be focused on a single classroom or program within a school or it may be a school or even system-wide initiative. Adopt-A-School programs do not require financial support from the sponsor. Neither party in the adoption is the sole beneficiary. The squadron/organization derives a sense of satisfaction in service and benefits from excellent public relations throughout the community. The adoptee reaps benefits when the squadron/organization makes a commitment to assist in the development of the full educational potential of a school.


JBSA-Fort Sam Houston
Main Office: (210) 221-2214, 221-2256

Main Office: (210) 671-8388
To register for a workshop
call: (210) 671-3722


Main Office: (210) 652-3112
To register for a workshop
call: (210) 652-5321