NEWS | Dec. 23, 2013

JBSA graphic artists visually enhance customer processes

By Alex Salinas Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Public Affairs

Chances are likely informational brochures, posters and signs throughout Joint Base San Antonio were crafted by the hands of a 502nd Air Base Wing graphic artist, who works in conjunction with installation mission partners to enhance artwork, inform the population and help tell the military service stories.

"Graphics support at JBSA is considered a customer-oriented service with progressive and innovative visual information support centers at all three JBSA locations," Lino Espinoza, JBSA-Randolph graphics section chief said.

Products and services graphics offers include training aids; 2-D and 3-D displays; exhibits; signs and digital graphics; brochures, booklets and tri-folds; wide format printing for posters and banners; design artwork and logos; and lamination.

"We essentially take a customer's 'stick figure' rendition and turn it into a quality, industry-standard final print or image," Espinoza said.

Using a variety of design software, graphic artists are tasked with copying and scanning images and artwork; transferring images electronically; converting slides and images to various file formats; scanning and writing images, text and graphics to compact discs; and printing graphics and photography from smaller to larger formats.

"Sometimes projects can take five minutes; other times they can take months," Tony Ervin, JBSA-Randolph graphic artist, said. "It all depends on the scope."

With graphic artists at three locations, the number of products produced is about 5,000 per quarter.

A recent innovative project involved transforming a JBSA-Randolph squadron's flying training manual from print to digital copy for a computer tablet with buttons hyperlinking to different sections of the manual, Ervin said.

"We're all about innovation," he said. "Turning a presentation into an interactive PDF keeps us up with the times and keeps us relevant."

At JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, dubbed the "Home of Military Medicine," creating training products for medical services is an important mission-related task for the graphics team.

"JBSA-Fort Sam Houston is a large educational and training location with more than 900 buildings," Richard Valdez, JBSA-Fort Sam Houston visual information manager, said. "Training aids such as posters and brochures are needed to break down various training. We are a part of training that includes all military branches of service."

Goals for all three JBSA graphics sections include attempting to create more mission-related and training products and saving the military services more money by continuing to digitize products, according to Espinoza.

When requesting a graphics service, customers must fill out an Air Force Form 833, which should then be emailed to their desired location' s corresponding work-box.

To digitally access an AF Form 833, visit, scroll to "Library" at the top of the website, click on "Multimedia," then click "AF Form 833" at the bottom of the page.

Items not authorized for production are: souvenirs, personal and farewell gifts, mementos, office photos and other products for personal use.

Office hours for the graphics department at all three locations are 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To send electronic AF 833 forms or get more information, email or call 652-4226 for JBSA-Randolph; or 671-2907 for JBSA-Lackland; and or 221-5453 for JBSA-Fort Sam Houston.