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NEWS | March 20, 2018

February Diamond Sharp Award Winners

By 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Name/rank: Airman 1st Class Deisy Curiel

Unit: Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO)

Duty title: Storage Management Technician

Time in service: One Year

Hometown: Kennewick, Wash.

Airman 1st Class Deisy Curiel is a self-motivated Airman who has made an immediate impact at the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office. Curiel has led the charge by impressively upholding the zero storage in transit expired rate by monitoring 2,499 shipments. She has also managed the section’s extension program, meticulously certifying 60 extensions which mitigated $109,000 in commercial fees. Furthermore, Airman Curiel has flawlessly revitalized the work-center’s customer service standards by slashing the call waiting time to .9 seconds per call. Her exquisite attention to detail has identified numerous violations from the Transportation Service Provider which resulted in six Letter of Warnings being issued for evading storage fees in the amount of $6,000. Additionally, as a Physical Training Leader, she led countless unit PT sessions for 41 joint service members, helping the unit achieve a 95% pass rate embodying the Air Force “Fit to Fight” lifestyle. Curiel’s tireless efforts have earned her recognition as the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office 2017 Airman of the 3rd Quarter. 

Name/rank: Tech. Sgt. H. Al Asad

Unit: 350th Battlefield Airmen Training Squadron

Duty title: NCO in charge, Supply Support

Time in service: 11 years

Hometown: East Majampur Kushtia, Bangladesh

Tech. Sgt. Al Asad meticulously inventoried the 350 BATS supply warehouse into a well-organized structure.  He accomplished this with little to no turnover from the previous manager and his herculean efforts managed to account for every item within its confine. Additionally, Al Asad established lines of communication and rules of engagements for all courses of initial entry concerning student gear issue. Al Asad’s actions allowed for a smooth process that resulted in saving manpower hours for instructors and students. Furthermore, Al Asad outfitted the entire 350 BATS to include our three geographically separated units with human performance apparel, cold weather outer garments and operational camouflage patterned uniforms (OCPs) within 2 months. 

Name/rank:  Senior Airman Tyler Sly

Unit:  59th Medical Training Squadron

Duty title:  PCMH Diet Technician

Time in service:  three years

Hometown:  Birmingham, Ala.

Senior Airman Sly has single handedly set career field benchmarks and carried the Wilford Hall Nutritional Medicine Clinic workload.  His commitment has allowed for continued improvement in clinic access to care and zero delays in patient services.  He continues to take the initiative in the Family Health Clinic by emailing staff daily available nutrition services and networking with provider and nursing staff at huddles. This month he implemented a reach back function to providers and staff that send referrals for nutrition counseling giving them an update on the service provided to the patient and giving positive reinforcement for service utilization.  The continuous communication Sly provides to the Family Health Clinic has allowed for doubling the number of patients seen in a month. He has also supported the Nutritional Medicine Clinic leadership in revamping over 70 slides of class curriculum by updating teaching resources and ensuring education is evidence based.



Name/rank: Airman 1st Class Haley Christianson

Unit: 59th Radiology Squadron

Duty title: Diagnostic Imaging Apprentice

Time in service: two years

Hometown: Susquehanna, Pa.

Airman 1st Class Haley Christianson recently attended the John C. Maxwell 360 degree leadership professional development seminar where she learned steps to be a leader, even when you don’t hold a leadership position.  She was so intrigued by the information she received that she is currently working towards becoming a facilitator for the JBSA Career Assistance Advisor’s future John C. Maxwell courses.  Christianson and a group of RSQ techs went to an afterhours mentoring session with the basic trainees where she talked about what they should expect when they start their diagnostic imaging tech school, as well as, what it is like once they reach their first duty station.  Furthermore, she took and passed the Principles of Supervision management CLEP to help prepare herself for a future leadership role.  Finally, Christianson spearheaded an RSQ toy drive benefiting the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio with a final tally of 284 toys, books, puzzle, and other recreational items. 


Name/rank: Senior Airman Taylor D. Day

Unit:  68th Network Warfare Squadron

Duty title: Unit Exercise Analyst

Time in service:  Two years

Hometown: Fairmont, Minn.

Senior Airman Taylor Day was identified early in his time at the 68th Network Warfare Squadron as an exceptional analyst by identifying and reporting 161 vulnerabilities to the Air Force Network. In his position he has been the lead on several major projects such as directing an USAF network decryption test which increased network traffic visibility, while correcting the number one limitation identified by the Air Force Space Command’s Weapons System Review. He also co-authored the Cyberspace Defense Analysis Threat Environment Handbook, which provided the first ever threat guide of its kind and was lauded by the Squadron Commander. Additionally, he has demonstrated great leadership in various instances, to include leading the way as a key Physical Training Leader vital to elevating the squadron’s overall fitness level to new highs, 58 percent excellency rate and a 95 percent pass rate. He has personally led six Airman Attic events and also aided the 25th Air Force Symposium as an Airmen Against Drunk Driving, ensuring the safety of 150 Airmen who attended the event. Lastly, he has also been an active member in his community by assisting with providing 200 pounds of goods to under resourced families across south Texas.

Name/rank: Airman 1st Class Stephanie Velez

Unit: 59 Medical Operations Group/Medical Specialty Squadron

Duty title: Dermatology Technician

Time in service: 19 months

Hometown: Elizabeth, N.J.

Airman 1st Class Stephanie Velez is assigned to the dermatology clinic at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center.  Seeking to work to her full potential, she completed her Career Development Courses 4 months ahead of schedule allowing her to function independently within the clinicShe currently manages the Dermatology Flight’s Safety Program, which was recently inspected at the squadron level and was recognized as being among the top performing flight safety programs. During the past month Velez has taken the lead on several process improvement initiatives to not only increase patient satisfaction, but staff member awareness. She created the clinic’s “daily flow board,” where morning and afternoon TeamStepps huddles are conducted.  Not only did she design the board, she also maintains annotating the daily operational schedule for 23 residents, six staff providers and 15 support staff. Furthermore, Velez took charge as the lead Airman in reorganizing our supply room to maintain compliance with infection control and safety guidelines and recognized the need for an additional location to increase accessibility for the other services offered within our department.  She’s been instrumental in preparing for The Joint Commission inspection, tackling compliance checklists to ensure we are meeting and/or exceeding all requirements. Encompassing the whole airman concept, she also led the inaugural Air Force Technical Training Mentorship Forum, highlighting her willingness to execute the Wingman Concept. She was afforded the opportunity to mentor 228 non-prior service members on how to effectively function/navigate challenges and successes in the operational Air Force