Joint Base San Antonio

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) Use over Joint Base San Antonio

All Unmanned Aircraft System (drone) activities within the United States must follow appropriate FAA regulations and guidelines. Drone activity outside FAA rules and guidelines is considered an unauthorized activity. Please consult the FAA website for guidance on proper use.

Joint Base San Antonio will support civilian law enforcement investigations into unauthorized drone operations in its airspace.

How to Fly on Joint Base San Antonio

All drone flights must be approved in advance.

To request approval, call (210) 652-SUAS (7827).

Requestors will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Rank / Full Name
  2. Work Phone Number
  3. Home/Cell Phone Number
  4. Unit
  5. Drone Make
  6. Drone Model
  7. Does the Drone have a camera?
  8. Requested date
  9. Requested time
  10. Requested Location
  11. Reason

The operator is required to notify JBSA upon completion of flight operations by calling the same number -- (210) 652-SUAS (7827).

Specific Requirements and Locations
JBSA and FAA Links

B4UFly Mobile App

JBSA Policy on sUAS (Drones)

FAA Safety Guidelines

  • Fly at or below 400 feet
  • Be aware of airspace requirements and restrictions
  • Stay away from surrounding obstacles
  • Keep your drone within sight
  • Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports
  • Never fly over groups of people
  • Never fly over stadiums or sporting events
  • Never fly near emergency response efforts, such as fires
  • Never fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol